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Care and safeguard of the artworks

Haltadefinizione LAB®’s approach to the imaging of highly valuable works is based on ensuring the greatest possible care for the paintings and frescoes, especially as regards the prevention of any potential damage caused to the work surface by the use of flash and lighting in terms of both light and heat.

The digital acquisition tools used by Haltadefinizione LAB® for applications within the visible spectrum meet the strictest standards in place for the preservation of works of art.

The LHR and RHD imaging techniques have been developed in close cooperation with Istituto Superiore per la Conservazione e il Restauro (the Italian Institute for Conservation and Restoration), which certified their fitness for purpose.

The Institute’s Physics Laboratory has performed a series of studies on the physical interactions between the imaging systems and the original materials. Results show that the stress exerted on the painting surfaces – in terms of physical, photometric, and micro-environmental parameters - is extremely low, almost at the threshold of instrument sensitivity.

The lighting system has been designed so as to minimise the area exposed during every single click thanks to a special pointer, while the use of filters allows to eliminate unwanted UV components. Under no circumstances is there any direct contact with the work’s surface.


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