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The unfinished Adoration: mystery and fascination of Leonardo’s genius

- December 2013 -

Along with Christmas wishes, Haltadefinizione launches an important tradition, and offers its followers a “digital” Christmas present: as of today you will find online the high-definition image of one of the most mysterious paintings by Leonardo, the Adoration of the Magi. The work, was owned by the powerful Medici family already in 1670, and is kept at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence next to the very famous Annunciation and the Baptism of Jesus painted together with Andrea del Verrocchio. 
The painting, with a revolutionary composition structure, is unfinished, and shows  different finishing levels in the various areas: in fact, it remained a sketch until 1482 after Leonardo left towards Milan. Thanks to the high-definition, it is possible to observe the creative process used by the artist starting from the first execution made by a drawing. This is an extraordinary opportunity.
Enjoy it and Merry Christmas to everyone.