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The Last Supper: the app of Leonardo's painting

The Last Supper: the app of Leonardo da Vinci's painting

In the technology era also the Last Supper becomes “2.0” by the first App for iOS devices (iPad e iPhone).

Finding the Last Supper

The gestures of the apostles, table-cloth embroideries, light reflections, as well as previous restorations, painting technique, and the various dyes used show Leonardo’s genius, discovered in an interactive and dynamic journey through his greatest masterpiece. 

 app ultimacena

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Main features of the Last Supper app:

- Surfing the Last Supper picture with the highest existing resolution
- Free exploration of the painting with just finger touch
- Four guided interpretation possibilities of hidden details in the Last Supper
- Discussion sheets about the work and restoration activities
- Graphic reconstructions to help understanding the painting

The technology of the Last Supper app

Through extraordinary very high definition pictures, it is now possible to surf the entire Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper. This technology is also used in art field on works such as, among others, the Shroud of Turin, and the most famous paintings by Botticelli.

Download on the App Store Badge US-UK 135x40

Shroud 2.0: the official App dedicated to the Shroud

Shroud 2.0: the official App dedicated to the Shroud

In the technology era also the Holy Shroud becomes “2.0” with the first official App for iOS devices (iPad e iPhone).

The Exposition of the Shroud becomes digital with the app Shroud 2.0

For the first time in history the most detailed image of the Shroud ever achieved is available to the whole world, thanks to the App Sindone 2.0. This opportunity is made possible by the very high-definition image of the cloth achieved by Haltadefinizione®: each detail of the cloth can be magnified and visualized in a way which would otherwise not be possible. A real "digitals Exposition": this application allows to enhance the understanding of the cloth in an interactive and dynamic way through a real virtual tour along four theme routes: story from the Gospels, elements of the cloth, elements of the figure, and scientific aspects.


Finding the Shroud

The application also includes several data sheets about the details of the image, the scientific investigations, and the historical events relevant to the Shroud, which can directly be accessed at any time during the theme navigation. The data sheets are enriched with precious archive and documentation images that can be magnified on the screen, and that deal with the main topics: The Holy Shroud, Time line, The cloth, Forensic analysis, Haematology, Chemistry, Botanic, Carbon 14, Mathematics, IT, Photography, Preservation. The observation of the Shroud also offers unexpected discoveries, with the chance to move on the cloth’s surface seeking after rarely known details. Among which, for instance, the “wax drops”: in ancient times both private and public expositions were accompanied by a ceremony aimed at highlighting its importance and sacredness which involved the use of candles. In various spots of the Shroud, outside the imprint, you can notice small rounded shapes which, with the remarkable magnification achieved by the App, prove to be wax stains, both red and white colour. Likewise, another interesting aspect emerged thanks to the image by Haltadefinizione® are some little holes in the cloth that are visible only due to the remarkable magnification. This detail dates back to the 1898 exposition when, due to the wrong indication of the sheet’s dimensions, they had to face the problem of securing the Shroud to a wrong-sized frame. The problem was “solved” by using some drawing pins” whose marks are still visible in some marginal parts of the fabric.

App for Evangelization

The Shroud, the sheet kept in the Turin Cathedral which, by tradition, would be the one in which Jesus body was wrapped in the sepulchre as quoted in the Gospels, is no doubt one of the most intense and well-known symbols of Christianity. Although this tradition – however based on multiple evidences resulting from scientific investigations – cannot be deemed formally proved, the Shroud directly and immediately recalls the Passion of Christ, due to the features of its imprint. Hence, it becomes a tool of understanding and meditation – “mirror of the Gospel” as Pope John Paul II defined it – which on the occasion of the Year of Faith announced by the Catholic Church represents an extraordinary Evangelization vehicle.

Main features of the app Shroud 2.0:

- High-definition consultation of the Shroud image
- Open exploration of the Cloth in touch screen mode
- Display of the photographic positive and negative of the image
- Four guided tours to understand the most important details and features relevant to the Shroud
- Data sheets about the scientific analysis and the history of the Shroud
- Photographic filters to improve the readability of the image
- Browser
- Available in Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese

The technology of the app Shroud 2.0

The exploration of the Shorud with digital app is made possible by the very high-definition image of the cloth achieved by Haltadefinizione®. This technology is also used in art field on works such as, among others, the Last Supper by Leonardo, and the most famous paintings by Botticelli.

Mobile app

Haltadefinizione® designs and produces multimedia applications for tablets and smartphones: easy and intuitive tools which allow to spread very high quality contents by means of new technologies.

Useful in museums, where anyone, through their own device, can access an interactive guide of the rooms, applications become usable and accessible also outside the museum itineraries, allowing a 360° dissemination of the included information.

Haltadefinizione® applications can be used upon licence inside exhibitions and educational tours, also in combination with video projections and big size touch screens: for further information, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In particular, Haltadefinizione® developed two apps for iPhone and iPad:

app ultimacena

 The Last Supper

app shroud

Shroud 2.0

Cultural events

For cultural events and initiatives aimed at the promotion of the territory, Haltadefinizione® provides support tools to implement new and spectacular ways which enable an immediate and engaging use of the artistic heritage.

Conferences, congresses, but also cultural evenings for the large public: the images by Haltadefinizione® allow to observe paintings and frescoes from new and fascinating perspectives, engaging the spectator and creating a unique and spectacular viewing experience. We offer cutting-edge technology tools for any kind of environment (churches, museums, conference rooms, theatres), and we analyse the best solutions for customised projections together with speakers, directors and organisers.


Thanks to the experience gained in the field of Fine-art print, Haltadefinizione® is able to provide an innovative system aimed at replacing works with accurate reproductions during restoration times, in case of lending them to other institutions or if they are immovable masterpieces.

To the end of getting the public close to works that are often difficult to access, the use of reproductions that are extremely accurate in the tiniest details and made on easy-to-transport supports, makes the artistic heritage directly usable by a large public, with adequate times and modalities, without risks for the integrity of the originals.


In order to promote the traditional museum itineraries, Haltadefinizione® designs and provides customised tools that help the visiting by offering visitors a creative and engaging experience, that is planned according to a cognitive journey aimed at a deeper knowledge of the works and their authors.
Besides the didactic systems for interactive visualisation on multimedia touch screens, Haltadefinizione® also produces full HD videos and shows with animations and guided tours.
In order to improve the use and make the visiting experience dynamic and interactive, Haltadefinizione® develops video guides and apps for mobile devices as a support to the visit.
The best technologies for promotion are made available to Cultural Authorities and Institutions in order to meet the challenges that are launched by the new communication means to the Cultural Assets world.


Haltadefinizione® LAB carries out digital acquisition campaigns for the documents pre and post restauration. Unique images, that are useful to plan conservation interventions, and to monitor the conservation condition of the works of art. Furthermore, Haltadefinizione® LAB provides tools to consult the images and cooperates actively with restores and curators during the organisation of the documents.
From the Uffizi Gallery to the Pinacoteca di Brera, from the Last Supper to the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana: Haltadefinizione® cooperates with important museums in Italy and in Europe.