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Colours, measures and details of the work

A collection of art objects addressed to an exclusive and refined public who wished to get in touch with the great painting masterpieces of all time. Authentic Art Clones, not Paintings.

The result of a unique and cutting-edge production process

The very high definition digital scan of the original work gathers billions of information to faithfully tell each and every millimetre of the painting. The reproduction with pigmented ink deposition ensures perfect colours and details.

The intervention of an expert craftsman completes the processing of the surface which acquires a matter and three-dimensional aspect.
The experience of skilled carvers offers the chance to reproduce the frames with paramount accuracy: completely hand-made, with care for details and finishing, identical to the original in every detail.

100% Opera d’arte is a series of limited edition and numbered reproductions of the biggest and most exciting masterpieces of Italian Art. Caravaggio, Beato Angelico, Leonardo, Botticelli, Canaletto: a list of over 40 famous paintings reproduced in 1:1 scale aimed at appreciating all the details and brush strokes of the timeless masterpieces. The result is a real work of art.


  • Reproductions derived from very high definition digital acquisitions (HALTADEFINIZIONE LAB technology) made in the full respect of the directives on the safeguarding of works of art

  • Completely true to the original even in the tiniest details

  • Use of sophisticated reproduction techniques in high definition which use 12 colours with pigmented ink

  • Canvas support 100% 380 grams cotton

  • Limited and numbered edition for the Italian market with 499 copies with authenticity certificate


The relationship between art and advertising has been a mutually rewarding one for many decades. Both in the past and now, famous artists have chosen to offer their services to the advertising industry or have used advertising products in their own works, often with exciting results. With Haltadefinizione®’s art images, this relationship can take a variety of different forms, for shop windows, sales points, advertising, marketing and digital communication products, digital signage and much more.

Colour and dynamism

When it comes to designing or restyling the interior decor of hotels, restaurants, offices, cruise ships, museums, shopping centres, residential projects or collective spaces in general, Haltadefinizione®’s art images offer a variety of different solutions to suit the most elegant furnishings, the most innovative products and the latest trends in international design.
As well as original one-piece creations, Haltadefinizione® is also able to offer series production solutions, for example for hotel chains, allowing to reduce costs while delivering tasteful, carefully thought-out and creative décor products.

The power of images for events, fashion shows and congresses

A special location is certainly key in making an event special. Press conferences, corporate meetings, congresses, fashions shows, gala dinners: they are all major events that are measured first and foremost by the visual impact of their venue. If the event is particularly important and requires an impeccable and highly-professional level of organisation, Haltadefinizione® is your ideal partner. The images produced by Haltadefinizione® are perfect solutions to create exciting backdrops, backlit feature walls, sophisticated fit-out installations including high-definition dynamic videos.

A few examples of our work:

 g8  iorio  maribor

G8 L'Aquila 2009
Backdrop of
the Main Conference Room

G8 L'Aquila 2009
Dinner of Heads of State with former Italian President Giorgio Napolitano

Maribor theatre (Slovenia)
"Romeo and Juliet" ballet performance stage set


The Haltadefinizione® team is at the disposal of your creativity: we can produce fully customised and tailor-made prints which suit any kind of environment. Any detail of our images can be transformed in a very high quality reproduction where the whole beauty of the work remains unaltered. Thanks to the extraordinary definition, also the smallest paintings can be enlarged without losing sharpness and accuracy compared to the original.
Haltadefinizione® images offer incentives to implement original and creative ideas - an example are the backlit supports – which are conceived to meet even the most rigorous quality standards.
Upon request, images can be processed in order to obtain chromatic references to match special furniture, even the elegant and timeless black and white.