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03 digitalizzazione


Haltadefinizione® makes available tools and skilled staff for “tailor-made” digitalizations in high ad very high definition, meeting any customisation need.
In the field of supply and use of artistic images, upon request, Haltadefinizione® also deals with the most delicate issue related to the management of the relationship with the owner of the rights of the works.


01 grandi formati


The extraordinary quality of Haltadefinizione® images allows publishers and curators to choose any detail of a work of art and to reproduce it in the desired dimensions inside art volumes and catalogues.

The smallest details, which on the original painting are a few centimetres big, can be enlarged well over 1:1 scale, delivering to readers unique visual experiences which would be impossible with the images of traditional archives.


02 service stampe


In order to make quality volumes special, to curate exhibition outfitting, and to satisfy the creativity of its customers in every shape, Haltadefinizione® makes available the experience of the team in the field of printing and reproduction of images on paper and painting cloth. From the preparation of the file to the FineArt printing also in large size: everything is taken into account to ensure the best result.
For publishers who wish to make their products unique, we produce special tables for quality and large size volumes, which require special processing and finishing, such as gold or mosaic applications.
We also produce prints from files for customised and high quality reproductions.


04 bookshop


Haltadefinizione® offers publishers, bookshops and merchandising managers a complete range of very high quality products with a great impact on the public.
Small size prints, postcards, bookmarks, but also valuable and big size reproductions of the greatest masterpieces of art history: products that meet the demands of all the visitor and customer targets, with special attention paid to packaging and the quality of the materials used.
Haltadefinizione® is available to any company that wants to stand out with presents and precious gifts for their customers and collaborators: fully customised products for corporate events and anniversaries.