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A virtual museum dedicated to the “Codex Purpureus Rossanensis"

The supply of Hi-tech equipment, notably that of HD, has greatly contributed to the setting up of this virtual museum housing the “Codex Purpureus Rossanensis”  This activity is part of a project called  the ‘Byzantine Theme Park’  whose aim is to promote one of the most precious documents surviving from Late Antiquity.

The illuminated greek ‘Codex Purpureus’ dating from aroundthe Vth to VIth century AD, is striking from the point of view of its excellent quality but also because of the red colour of the parchment used, from which it derives its name. Inside the museum, is a room dedicated to the Codex which will be visible through two multimedia, interactive emplacements, (one for individual visits and one for tourist-group  guides) which will allow the visitor to browse the work with the possibilty of selecting an audio channel with commentaries in several languages.This ‘flip-book’ system of consultation is particulary useful when studying ancient documents whose approach is difficult and which also gives the visitor the possibility to magnify each of the 188 pages of the Codex and its splendid illuminated tables, which illustrate the first section.