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Touch the sky with a click: Giotto and the Scrovegni on line in Haltadefinizione

- 17 November 2010 -

Admiring the frescoes in the Scrovegni Chapel close up is a truly unique experience, but so far only restorers and a few lucky specialists have had the chance of being face-to-face with Giotto’s masterwork. From today Haltadefinizione is offering everyone, free of charge for six months, thisamazing visual experience through unique images created with state-of- the-art technology applied to artworks.

At Haltadefinizione web users throughout the world can take a virtual tour of the Scrovegni Chapel, thanks to a 360-degree panorama, and explore every inch of this masterwork, without any limits imposed by height, without having to keep their distance for security reasons and for as long as they like. All this is made possible by innovative technologies enabling the enlargement of every single detail without loss of definition. The major enhancement project that generated these extraordinary images was conceived by Haltadefinizione, and has all the numbers of a major venture and, where quality and quantity are concerned, it is probably the most important digitization campaign ever realized for an artwork.