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The “new way of experiencing art” promoted by Haltadefinizione® can be best applied in places and by entities operating for the conservation and promotion of cultural heritage. Haltadefinizione® makes its expertise available to museums, libraries, archives, art galleries and institutions for the design, supply and installation of all the materials required to ensure that visitors enjoy a unique, compelling experience, as well as to create educational exhibition itineraries that allow the public to establish a direct, almost tangible relationship with the exhibits and the artists. The tools – both traditional and highly technological ones – made available by Haltadefinizione® embrace all communication sectors and are easily adaptable to different purposes.

The highest-resolution images, films, and audio contributions can be displayed and reproduced or projected via monitors and touchscreen/mobile devices, as well as adapted to specific needs in order to provide services like audio-guides, info-points, flipbooks, and consultation areas. Thanks to the experience gained in the fine-art printing sector, Haltadefinizione® can replace original works of art with faithful reproductions during restoration activities, whenever a work is lent to other entities or in the case of unmovable masterpieces. Such valuable opportunities mean that the visitors’ expectations will never be let down. The use of reproductions on modular, easy-to-transport panels allows the public to admire works that are often hardly accessible, reversing traditional approaches to culture and making art readily enjoyable by the large public, at appropriate times and in suitable settings, preventing any risks of damaging the original work.