IIIF Digital Asset Management system for Cultural Heritage

Coosmo is the Digital Asset Management service developed for Haltadefinizione, which allows the management and instant use of images in ultra-high resolution formats.

It also offers digital storage and digital preservation services for cultural heritage assets.

Coosmo has been specifically designed for the management of large quantities of digital assets and it is compatible with the IIIF Image and Presentation API. It is flexible and adaptable to different needs such as protection and conservation. It allows the user to view content quickly and can be adapted for both the open source and the licensed worlds.

DAM storage cloud


Coosmo is a digital platform that simplifies the management of large quantities of high and very high resolution digital images.
  • Solve your space problems; Coosmo is infinite

  • No more hard drives to manage, everything is on the cloud

  • Your images will never be lost

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Coosmo simplifies the management of large amounts of high and ultra-high resolution digital images (Gigapixel format*). It ensures the protection of digital assets belonging to cultural institutions and to individuals with its modern online and offline tracking systems. 


Coosmo’s intelligent storage management allows these huge images to be delivered in the cloud via IIIF and DZI protocols with the same performance and quality as standard-sized images. 

Coosmo currently delivers nearly 20 million images and has been structured to be scalable to handle petabytes of data.


*Gigapixel images are the result of ultra-high definition digitization (600, 800, 2000 pixels per inch), which generate individual file sizes that can reach hundreds of Gigabytes.

Managing assets and data structures

This process helps ensure that data is accessible, accurate and up-to-date, and can be used to make informed decisions.
  • Create a specific data structure
  • Be free to organize your images your own way
  • Create a copy and never lose your data
  • Share data of any size to contributors anywhere
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DAM gestione asset strutture dati

Coosmo is based on open-source technologies and is able to display data and metadata that is managed according to different open standards.


It is extensible with third-party systems that display and consume asynchronous web API and messages. To meet customer requirements, Coosmo is integrated with archival management solutions (such as Hyperborea’s Arianna suite) and with general-purpose publishing applications (such as Horizons Unlimited’s MLOL). It allows you to search your archive either via a web-based graphical interface or by REST web API. 


A feature of Coosmo is its single instance of the cloud service that delivers features and keeps separate data sets for the various customers who use it. 

Each institution/client, identified as a "tenant," has its own space allocation and one or more web domains, logically separated and independent from the spaces and domains of other institutions/customers. Each tenant can create and manage dependent sub-tenants. This architectural approach allows flexibility in managing the allocation and separation of resources among individual institutions using Coosmo.


Coosmo storage files and databases have been selected and configured specifically to ensure automatic scalability as needed. In particular, the storage "archive" is configured to keep a permanent copy of all the files contained in it, and it allows the recovery of data even if they are accidentally deleted or modified.

Image viewer & delivery

Coosmo was born with the idea of security at the center of its design. All requests for access, visualization or modification of images and data are processed by an identification and authorization gateway that is valid following ACL based on Tenant, Users and Configurable Roles.

Coosmo offers specific features for image security management. It allows for the insertion of watermarks visible and invisible upon each image delivery. Both systems provide an effective tool to trace the origin of images that may be republished by third parties, in ways or contexts not allowed, while also helping to identify those responsible. 

Coosmo is also equipped with an automated versioning, rollback and deploy system that can restore the entire application status within a few hours, even in the event of an extended error. In particular, it offers SLA with RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) respectively of 24 and 36 hours.

In Coosmo it is possible to integrate DZI and IIIF viewers within third-party sites and to offer users the ability to create animations and dynamic "stories" for cultural dissemination based on managed assets.

  • Zoom, annotate, crop: enrich your assets with the results of your studies
  • Protect your images from unauthorized distribution with watermarks
  • Publish your assets on your own site with an engaging UX
  • Create interactive stories with your assets
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coosmo IIIF

IIIF Compliant

IIIF is an interoperable image sharing protocol. It is open source and has different levels of API (authentication, annotation, search, presentation) to build and deploy different services.
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DAM IIIF compliant

With IIIF you can enter the digital collections of large libraries, museums and international archives. The IIIF functionality allows you to explore every resource in the smallest detail, providing the possibility to deepen studies and research, enabling the user to choose which data to share and in which format, and ensuring accessibility and interoperability between different platforms.


It allows different applications and systems to work with digital images in an interoperable way, where users can more effectively access, view, compare, manipulate, download, use and share the resources. 


Thanks to the annotations, it is possible to enrich the assets with the results of research and study. In addition, IIIF allows you to simultaneously compare and view assets from different sources, facilitating data comparison and analysis. In this way, IIIF promotes collaboration and interaction between institutions, researchers and enthusiasts, contributing to a better understanding and sharing of the cultural heritage.


  • Increase the value of your assets with the IIIF network
  • Choose what data to share with the rest of the world in a standard/open format
  • Compare assets from various sources in the same environment 
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Images for High Quality Art Books

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Staging and Scenery

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Unleash your creativity with gigapixel images.

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Educational Entertainment

Nothing moves us more than great art.

Rights management

We are here to assist you with licensing for the use of these works.

Why gigapixel?

To fully understand a work of art you must become familiar with even its smallest details.


L’arte non passa mai di moda e dà personalità alla tua comunicazione.

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Artworks in gigapixel format. Unbounded creativity.

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Educational licence

Free access to gigapixel images of art

A picture is worth more than a thousand words

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Conservation, enhanced use, research

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Art galleries, libraries, archives and museums

Digitalization in galleries, libraries, archives and museums: the future is now.

Why is digitalization important?

Because it turns out to be very worthwhile

Gigapixel: the ultra-high definition custodian of beauty

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From the physical collection to the digital one

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Face-to-face with works of art

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Real true clones

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Are some works difficult to put forward?

Make fine art replicas your new strategic asset.

Art works to see... and touch!

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Artworks in gigapixel format for unbounded creativity

How it works

Ultra-high definition gigapixel technology

Zoom in on any detail that you want, without any loss of image quality.

Rights management

We support you with our expertise in rights management.

The Haltadefinizione image bank

More than 700 masterpieces of art in ultra-high definition gigapixel format. 

Got it!

Get inspired by more than 700 masterpieces of art in ultra-high definition gigapixel format. 

Custom replicas for any need

Works of art in any format can decorate large spaces and architecture with a touch of class.

Caring for fine art with digital technology

Now it is easier than ever.

Gigapixels: custodians of beauty

We must be actively engaged as custodians of the treasures that are handed down to us.

Why is it important to digitize works of art without removing their protective glass frames or cases?

The importance of the microclimate.

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