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Imaging Technologies

Real High Definition

The RHD (Real High Definition) technology allows to achieve a resolution ranging between 1500 and 4000 ppi the original size. It is particularly suitable for the imaging of works/materials of a limited size to capture details that would be almost invisible to the naked eye.
The images obtained through this technology can then be printed out and enlarged up to 5 times their original size without any definition or quality loss.

Large High Resolution

The LHR (Large High Resolution) technology allows to achieve a resolution ranging between 300 and 1000 ppi the original size. It is the ideal solution for the imaging of large-size paintings, cycles of frescoes or, in general, paintings whose size does not allow to apply the RHD technology. This imaging technique applies powerful optics capable of capturing details that would not otherwise be visible to the observer.

Dispositivo Ripresa Codici

The DRC technology allows to create virtual copies of manuscripts and ancient codices, thereby making it possible to safely consult even the most delicate materials. Haltadefinizione LAB® has developed a special, non-invasive imaging device which, thanks to a special lighting system, can be used to perform digital acquisitions in frontal light, grazing light and back light conditions.

Virtual 3D Light

Haltadefinzione LAB® offers the opportunity to build photographic sets for imaging using the “Virtual 3D Light®” mobile light. The movement of the light across the room, together with the subsequent software processing of the images acquired, allows to obtain a mathematical model capable of reproducing the 3D features of the subject within a virtual space. Thanks to this tool, the 3D details of drawings and paintings (such as engravings and reliefs) can be virtually analysed without any additional impacts on the original materials.

Digitisation of documents

Haltadefinizione LAB offers ultra-high definition scanning services for the conservation of the information found in manuscripts, parchments and drawings - including large formats - using professional scanners. Haltadefinizione takes care of every single digitisation step: from flawlessly safe imaging to the organisation of the acquired material in multimedia platforms for subsequent consultation. Every project is tailored to the customer’s needs.