29 February 2024

Haltadefinizione and genoud: a strategic collaboration of tradition and innovation

New international digitisation projects of museums and corporate archives

Loghi Haltadefinizione e genoud

The businesses of enhancing the value of cultural and artistic works and of managing a physical corporate heritage both call for innovative solutions and integrated services. The development of new projects of this kind, whether in cultural institutions where works of art are kept, or in corporate archives, leads to a greater appreciation of works of art, cultural objects of all kinds and of the historical documents that the archives contain. 

These are the fields that Haltadefinizione and genoud SA are entering together, with their new partnership. genoud SA specializes in graphic design and editorial production in the fields of fine art and luxury goods. By combining Haltadefinizione’s expertise in digitization of fine art with genoud’s creative vision, they will seek new horizons in the use and publication of the heritage of museums and of corporations.

servizi haltadefinizione e genoud

Their synergy comes from combining Haltadefinizione’s technology and genoud’s creative originality in an innovative collaboration that will develop exclusive projects in the fields of fine art, service to cultural institutions and also in luxury goods and design. The partnership is a bridge uniting tradition and new technology, beside being a strategic fit for both companies. On one side, Haltadefinizione brings extensive international experience in the digitization of fine art and cultural heritage. On the other, genoud enriches its portfolio of services for the mangement and conservation of works of art.

Their first project together is the digitization of the prestigious numismatics collection at MAH, the Musée d’Art et d’Histoire in Geneva. They will digitize more than 80,000 single pieces, including coins, medallions, plaster castings, stamps and punches, all in ultra-high definition, as part of an overhaul of the museum’s collection and catalog. Their goals are an example of what Haltadefinizione and geroud described, which is using the latest technological solutions to enhance the value of museum collections, libraries, historical archives and corporate archives.

The collaboration that is just beginning is the result of a shared vision based on the importance of digital solutions to access and enhanced uses of the materials of our cultural heritage and of corporate heritage archives. This new technology promises to raise the arts to a higher level of accessibility.  

"The partnership Haltadefinizione and genoud is a bridge between tradition and innovation. Thanks to this new collaboration, Haltadefinizione brings its many years of experience in the digitization of cultural assets on an international level, promoting the protection and digital enhancement of historical heritage worldwide."
Lucia Panini, President Haltadefinizione

"The partnership between genoud and Haltadefinizione encapsulates the meeting of two excellences in printing and art. Attention to beauty, care for detail, and valorization of artistic and cultural heritage unite our companies. It is fundamental for us to continue enriching the range of services offered to our clients aimed at conserving cultural heritage: the new and innovative digital services born from this partnership are in perfect coherence with this objective and with the entire journey and entrepreneurial history of genoud."

Michele Biza, CEO genoud


Genoud Entreprise d’arts Graphiques, founded in Lausanne in 1957, for almost 70 years has specialised in graphicand editorial projects in the artand luxury industry and has an international reputation for high-quality printing in the luxury market. Along with their sister company Musumeci SpA in Aosta, Italy, they offer unique solutions in a single location, for everything from photography to prepress, video to 3D production, and both traditional and digital printing. The company enjoys a reputation for the highest quality of its services and its production.

Over many years, genoud has worked with many important museums and institutions such as the Fondazione Prada, the Fondazione Gianadda, the Fondation de l’Hermitage, the Musée Barbier Muller, the Musée suisse de l'appareil photographique, the Musée de l'Elysée and the Musée Jenisch. 


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