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Beato Angelico, a sublime painter for the new enterprise of Haltadefinizione

The cycle of frescoes that can be admired in the Museum of San Marco in Florence represents a unique sample of 15th century paintings; it is common knowledge among the passionate and the experts in history of art, who visit the Dominican Convent in order to admire the masterpiece attributed to the only artist to have been beatified in the history of the Church.

In fact, the Museum preserves a “compendium” of the production of fra’ Giovanni da Firesole, calledfra' Angelico, who, between 1441 and 1445, decorated with frescoes the 44 cells of the second floor destined to host the friars and the corridors that give access to them, and at the first floor, the cloister of Sant’ Antonio and the Sala del Capitolo, with the monumental artefact “Crucifixion and saints”.

The staff of Haltadefinizione, given the importance of the frescoes and their great conservation conditions, recently dedicated a high-definition photograph-shooting campaign at the interior of the cycle. Some of these pictures will be published on-line in the following months.