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From Botticelli to Leonardo, from Caravaggio to Bronzino. The masterpieces of the Uffizi Gallery can be watched for the first on the web time at the highest definition

Discovering a landscape in miniature painted by Leonardo, counting the flowers at the feet of Botticelli’s Spring or the pearls painted by Bronzino among the hair of the Duchesse Eleonora of Toledo, catching the secrets of the painting technique of some among the most celebrated artists ever: since today all this will be possible not only for scholars, who have direct access to the original masterpieces but for all people in the world owning a computer with an internet connection; they can discover all details of some of the most renown paintings of the Uffizi Gallery.

Since today for four months until January 29, 2011, you can navigate free of charge inside the six paintings of great renown: the Spring (Botticelli), the Birth of Venus (Botticelli), the Annunciation (Leonardo da Vinci), the Baptism of Christ (Verrocchio and Leonardo da Vinci), the Bacchus (Caravaggio) and the Portrait of Eleonora of Toledo (Bronzino).