Gigapixel digitalization is our way of responding to Digital Humanities and the challenges they pose. This is a new approach to experiencing the fine arts heritage conserved by our museums and galleries, while turning these resources to best account.

The world of Cultural Goods and Digital Humanities − an interdisciplinary field that combines technological research and enquiry in the field of the humanities − can benefit greatly from modern means of communication.
Gigapixel digitalization of frescoes and paintings brings with it a new way to appreciate artworks. The possibilities that digitalization offers can be developed with and within places and institutions such as museums, galleries, libraries, and archives and totally in accordance with them.
Ultra high definition enables new unprecedented approaches to presentation of artworks, with great potentials for didactic activities in this field.
We take pride in our ability not only to faithfully reproduce each and every brushstroke and the tiniest of signs of the passing of time, but also to provide public access to otherwise inaccessible works.
Gigapixel digitalization is a formidable diagnostic tool for studying the deterioration of artworks. We can provide a precise record of the state of repair of original works, alongside assistance for planning restoration work. We can then record the restoration outcomes.

Images for cofee table books

Even the tiniest details can be presented in your de-luxe editions.

Content material for digital publishing

Masterpieces just a click away!

Fine art printing services

The advantages of ultra high definition work and leading-edge Fine Art printing – together!

Special edition art reproductions

And yet it moves. Even the most inaccessible artworks are now within our reach! 

Art Experience

You don’t actually look at artworks. Not really − rather, you experience and live them.

Dynamic Projection

Full immersion and art.

Replicating Art

Art seen from a very personal close-up point of view.

Bespoke Projects

Bespoke art solutions for sites of all kinds.

Staging solutions

Deploy gigapixels as a driver for events management. Aim for uniqueness.

Contract projects

Personality, colour and dynamism: artistic details used to adorn commercial premises.

Licensing: how it works

Artworks in gigapixel format. Unbounded creativity.

Image bank

More than 500 masterpieces of Italian art in HD digital format.

Enhanced museum / Gallery solutions

Stunning images presented in a format that is extraordinarily explorable.

Digitalization campaigns

For artworks, digital acquisition is a health-giving practice!

What is gigapixel?

Gigapixel is any enlargement specification that users may require, with no quality loss.

Images for researchers and scholars

Haltadefinizione’s images conserve the essence of artworks in digital format.

Educational licence

Gigapixel images of works of art available free of charge.

Partnership programs

Art history researchers can rely on us to provide support of the highest quality.


Arts move us as nothing else can!

Rights management

We can provide you with our expertise in the field of management of rights of use for all kinds of artwork.

Why gigapixel?

To fully understand a work of art you must familiarise yourself with even its smallest details.

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Tutte le collezioni presenti in archivio. 

Licensing: how it works

Artworks in gigapixel format. Unbounded creativity.

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Digitalizzazione per le opere di piccolo formato.

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Nessuna opera è troppo grande.

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La soluzione perfetta per i libri più antichi.

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La luce giusta per ricostruire la forma.