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Giovanni Estienne, The third National Shooting Competition (1865)

Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan

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Author: Giovanni Estienne
Title: The third national shooting competition in Florence
Date: 1860
Technique: oil on canvas
Dimension: 46x56cm
Location: Brera Picture-Gallery, Milan

Until a few years ago, this painting was ascribed to Raffaello Sernesi, a Tuscany painter, a very active representative of the macchiaioli group and fervent patriot who died at twenty-eight following Garibaldi in the expedition aiming at conquering the Trentino Alto Adige region. The portrayed episode was consistent with this attribution, in fact the painting was titled Patriots at target-shooting (Patrioti al tiro a segno), witnessing the persistent myth of the Risorgimento.
On the contrary, it is a much more peaceful and bourgeois episode, since it represents the national shooting competition that started at the Cascine park in Florence on June 18, 1865, and lasted one week. The young painter treated this topic gracefully, offering a real scene with a photographic angle and a careful use of the lights that outline its environment and, more or less defined, figures.

Photo Shoot

Image Size: 497.314.365 pixel (20.315 x 24.699)
Colour Depht: 16 bit for channel
Shooting: April 2011

Camera Body: Nikon D3
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Quality Control and Postprocessing Software: Nikon Capture NX 2

Courtesy by Ministero per i Beni e le AttivitĂ  Culturali - Soprintendenza BSAE di Milano

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Giovanni Estienne (Florence 1840 - after 1892)

Very little is known about this Tuscany painter who studied at the Fine Arts Academy in Florence, and is mainly known as a painter of still life and portraits that equally witness a deep attention for reality and contemporary life in all its simplest and daily aspects.